Switching to Traefik

Over the weekend, I migrated my services (website, blog, and API server) into one solution Traefik. Before I was running 3 websites off of nginx and had to manage the certificates with letsencrypt and certbot. When the server died last time, it took a while to rebuild it even though I had all the data. With Traefik, I am running everything off of a docker-compose and toml config file. That is not all the work as I had to turn each service into a docker image, which felt like it could be wasteful but there have not been any performance drops. It is a lot easier to add new services and set them up. I just need to add docker containers with labels and they will get an SSL certificate and entry point. Items that I am going to look at further are using watchtowerr to manage containers and switching to docker swarm. I will have a more detailed guide and methodology used.