Server Rebuild

For my website, I used BuyVM for renting a server for hosting all my sites. On 5/28/2020, I was informed that they had a hardware failure which caused total data loss. Luckily, I only things that I have on the server are my websites, which as I talked about in the previous post, are deployed from GitLab. This meant that I did not lose any code. My availability dropped but I have been working on recovering and to/day have finally restored all services. I was able to restore my sites quickly as I had taken backups of my sites and configurations. The issue that took a while to restore was TOR as my web server is also a TOR exit node (all web connections are handled by Cloudflare, you never touch the server). I was finally able to restore the TOR exit node service today so I have made a 100% recovery. It has taken longer but I had other tasks that required more attention.